What kind of house do you live in?

If you laughed at this title and thought, “isn’t it obvious that I live in a detached/semi-detached house?”, then we suggest you read on and learn more.

Bungalow: The majority of these homes are in older neighborhoods. A bungalow is where the primary living area contains one floor only.

Bi-level/split entrance: This is still a bungalow but with a basement that is above grade level. One and one-half story, about 60% of the total living area, is contained on the first floor and has a high-pitched roof.

Two-story: a blend of a large living area with a separate level for the sleeping area

Split-level: popular in 1970’s and early 1980’s, this type of home often has three or more levels. The most common designs are side-split and back-split.

Semi-detached: one of the structure’s walls is attached to another structure.

Townhouse/rowhouse: three or more units are joined together by party walls

Linked dwelling: the attached portion of houses is not always evident, many of them are attached below grade.

Multi-unit residential dwelling: more than one dwelling units are within a single building.

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