Is there such thing as “bad timing” when buying a pre-construction home?

What is timing when talking about real estate investment?

  • When to buy
  • What to buy

Take downtown Toronto pre-construction projects as an example.

Before 2016, average price was $800-$900 per sqf. International students flushed into Toronto and downtown were their favorite.

2020, average price becomes $1,400-$1,500 per sqf. Not only are international students blocked outside of Canada, but also downtown offices allow staff to work from home.

Can you invest on downtown projects? When can you invest on it? Isn’t it obvious?

Let’s analyze current situation:

  1. Pandemic hit the world economy.
  2. GTA real estate market recovered in June & July.

So, watching or investing, which one do you pick? If you invest, what to buy?

We have two pieces of advice here for your reference:

  1. Do not be afraid.
  2. Do not be impulsive.

If you wait till everybody can tell the market is hot, there will be no opportunity left.

If you jump in the market without thorough analysis, most likely you will lose.

  • Consider various properties in different areas.

Expand your target area, not only focus on one type of property. For example, you could research condos in Etobicoke, detached houses in Pickering. (just examples, not investment advice).